Ancient Melodies​.​.​. Days of Renewal

by Hazzan Steve Klaper

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K'chu imachem devarim, devarim, v'shuvu el Adonai. Take with you all of your words and return, return to the Source of All. Take with you all of your words and return, return to the land of your soul.
B’sefer chayim, 
b’racha v’shalom, 
ufarnasah tova Nizacheir v’nikateiv l’fanecha
 Anachnu v’chol amcha beit Yisrael l’chayim tovim ul’shalom Baruch ata Adonai, oseh haShalom
Adonai Melech, Adonai Malach, Adonai Yimloch l'olam va-ed English adaptation/translation is from Machzor Chadash.
Tiku vachodesh shofar, 
Bakeseh l’yom chageinu
 Ki chok l’Yisraeil hu
 Mishpat l’Elohei Ya’akov, l’Elohei Ya’akov
Or zarua la-taddizk, Ul'yishrei lev simcha
P’tach lanu sha’ar, b’eit n’ilat sha’ar, 
 Ki fana yom 
Hayom yifneh, haShemesh yavo v’yifneh 
navo’ah sh’arecha Ana, Eil na, sa na, s’lach na, m’chal na 
Chamal na, rachem na, kapeir na
k’vosh chet v’avon O keep open for us Your gate of mercy, 
At the time of the closing of the gate,
 Now that the day is waning.
 The day is passing; The sun is setting;
 O let us enter Your gate at last.
El malei rachamim, shochein bamromim 
chamtzei m’nucha n’chona
 tachat kanfei hash’chinah B’ma’alot kiddoshim, ut’horim
 k’zohar harakiah mazhirim et nishmat { ___________ } 
she-halach l’olamo(ma) 
b’gan eiden t’hei m’nuchato(…ta) la-chein ba’al harachamim, 
ya’astireihu(…ha), b’seiter k’nafav l’olamim 
v’yizror bitzror hachayim et nishmato(…ta)
 Adonai hu nachalato(…ta)
 v’yanuach al mishkavo(…va) b’shalom, 
v’nomar amein


For centuries, the Jewish High Holidays have provided a wealth of liturgical poetry, melodies, chants. Some of the most ancient of these melodies are referred to as "misinai" melodies -- literally, "from Sinai." Of course, they're not from Sinai at all, but from the Ashkenazi Jews of the Rhineland in the 12th-14th century. As the mystical piyyutim (poetry) to which they were attached fall into disuse among modern Jewish communities, these ancient motifs and melodies are being lost and forgotten. Among the songs I offer here are some of these old, old tunes -- updated to be sure -- re-tooled, renewed and presented to a modern world in need of connection with its roots.

Charts/sheet music is available for most of these songs. Email me at


released August 15, 2016

Steve Klaper: guitar, percussion, vocals
Caitlin MG Klaper: guest vocals
Randy Leipnik: keyboard


all rights reserved



Jewish Troubadour Oak Park, Michigan

Hazzan Steve Klaper is a Jewish troubadour -- a spiritual storyteller, minstrel and teacher. An ordained Cantor, Maggid and teacher of Torah, Steve draws upon his Orthodox Jewish roots and over 40 years experience as a professional musician, infusing traditional Jewish teachings with melodies, sacred tales and wisdom from a variety of traditions -- ancient teachings that feel somehow familiar. ... more

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