AZAMRA! I Will Sing

by Steve Klaper, Caitlin M.G. Klaper

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Guitarist/songwriter Steve Klaper and daughter, Caitlin, record and perform original Jewish music that combines spiritually uplifting stories with high energy pop, jazz, folk, blues, reggae and Latin rhythms.


released June 1, 2001

Steve Klaper: guitars, vocals, harmonica
Caitlin M.G. Klaper: vocals
Randy Leipnik: keyboards, bass, tibetan prayer bowl, canadian fishing bell
Jamie Rusling: congas, bongos, gato, dumbek, klong yaw, tabla, brushes, roto-toms, tambourine, bowls, goblets, triangles, shakers, rain-stick, cocoa beans, avocados & other novelties
Paul Vornhagen: alto and soprano sax, flute, penny whistle
Marvin Kahn: alto clarinet

Produced by Randy Leipnik at Semper Records, Oak Park
All songs by Steve Klaper, © 2001 Ashira Music (BMI)



all rights reserved


Jewish Troubadour Oak Park, Michigan

Hazzan Steve Klaper is a Jewish troubadour -- a spiritual storyteller, minstrel and teacher. An ordained Cantor, Maggid and teacher of Torah, Steve draws upon his Orthodox Jewish roots and over 40 years experience as a professional musician, infusing traditional Jewish teachings with melodies, sacred tales and wisdom from a variety of traditions -- ancient teachings that feel somehow familiar. ... more

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Track Name: Sim Shalom
Oseh shalom bimromov hu ya’aseh shalom

aleinu v’al kol Yisrael, v’yimaru amein

Sim Shalom, tova uvracha chein vachesed v’rachamim

Grant us peace, O source of peace,
give us the will to spread this message to the world;

Strengthen the bonds of friendship 

among all nations of the world

and may they learn to love Your name,

Baruch ata Adonai
Hamevorech et amo Yisrael vashalom.

May God grant peace to Israel & to all the world,

& say amen.
Track Name: Eitz Chayim Hi
Eitz Chayim hi, l’machazikim bo
v’tomcheha, m’ushor
D’racheha, darchei no’am
v’chol n’tivateha shalom
Hashiveinu Adonai elecha v’nashuva 

Chadesh yameinu kekedem
Track Name: Ein Kamocha
Ein komocha b’Elohim, Adonai v’ein k’ma’asecha

malechutcha malechut, kol olamim

umemshelt’cha b’chol dor vador
Adonai melech, Adonai malach, 

Adonai yimloch l’olam va’ed

Adonai oz l’amo yitein,
Adonai yivarech et amo vashalom
Track Name: Kadsheinu
Kad’sheinu b’mitzvotecha,
V’tein chelkeinu b’toratecha

Sabeinu m’tuvecha, V’samcheinu b’shuatecha
V’taher libeinu, L’av’d’cha b’emet
V’hanchileinu, Adonai Eloheinu,
B’ahava uv’ratzon, Shabbat kodshecha

V’yanuchu va Yisrael, M’kadshei sh’mecha, 

Baruch ata Adonai, M’kadeish hashabbat
Track Name: Ki Mitzion
Ki mitzion, teitzei Torah ud’var Adonai m’yirushalayim

Baruch shenatan Torah Torah
l’amo Yisrael bik’dushato

For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah

and the word of Adonai from Yerushalayim
Praised be the One who gives Torah to all Your people
Thank You for giving us the Torah

(Isaiah 2:3)
Track Name: Azamra
Sing unto God, sing for the earth and the sky

and the children who sing unto God,
Sing for the light in their eyes
and the stars that shine off in the sky,
(I will sing me a song unto God) 

Sing with the breeze for the hills and the trees,

(I will sing me a song unto God) 

Sing out a song, all my life I will sing it

Ashira l’Adonai b’chaya,
Azamra l’Elohai b’odi,

Ye’erov elov s’chi, Anochi esmach Adonai,
Ashira l’Adonai b’chaya…

Sing unto God, sing out a song and a story
of God 
and of glory and sing 
in the light of the day,
in the evening the songs fly away,

(I will sing me a song unto God)
May my song be the 
sound of rejoicing

(I will sing me a song unto God)
Sing out a song, 
all my life I will sing it

Ashira l’Adonai b’chaya…
Track Name: Tzur Yisrael
Tzur Yisrael, Kuma b’ezrat Yisrael,
Ufdei chinumecha, Yehudah v’Yisrael
Go’aleinu Adonai tz’va’ot sh’mo
Kadosh Yisrael, kadosh Yisrael
Baruch ata Adonai, Go’al Yisrael
Track Name: Ribbono shel Olam (Master of the Universe)
Ribbono shel Olam, Ribbono shel Olam, 

Nothing seems so far away,
yet nothing could be closer to me,
Ribbono shel Olam, Ribbono shel Olam, 

Let nothing ever keep me far from thee.

Did I wake, or am I still inside a dream?

If this is just like sleeping,
then let’s make the most of what will be;
But if we wake,
and find this isn’t what it seems to be,

Then everything we do here, affects everything we see;

Ribbono shel Olam, Ribbono shel Olam…

Day by day, the evening fades, the dawn arrives,

endlessly connected moments,
endlessly connected lives;
But if we’re wise, and can still the racing of our minds, 
then in the quiet space between these moments, 

we may recognize…

Ribbono shel Olam, Ribbono shel Olam…